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StopORC provides a comprehensive ORC resource with current news and information on ORC, such as loss prevention, law enforcement cases, legislative actions and ORC prosecutions.

Our free monthly webinars feature key speakers in the loss prevention industry, law enforcement and legislative sector. The strength in stopping ORC lies in our collaboration and partnering with news, ideas and information.


StopORC combats organized retail crime through information sharing, education and advocacy, while strengthening the cause of loss prevention on a global level.

Adel Sayegh

Founder of StopORC

President and CEO of Universal Surveillance Systems

Adel Sayegh has long dedicated his life to making our society a safer place by helping retailers prevent theft through USS’s suite of products and systems.

His passion to combat crime led him to create StopORC, a comprehensive website dedicated to information sharing, education, and advocacy against ORC and a key location to exchange news, information, and ORC global topics.

Adel remains dedicated to being a leader in combating ORC and will continue to provide effective educational opportunities and resources for others to combat this global blight.


Comprised of renowned authorities on ORC, the advisory council is taking a leadership role in building a comprehensive global event focused on ways to combat the growing incidence of ORC. Their extensive insight and experience will be integral in assuring you an in-depth educational, interactive summit that will go far beyond all previous events in motivational, enlightening and directing energy.