Privacy policy

What Information Does Stoporc Collect?

The type of PII collected by Stoporc will vary with your use of the Site(s). Stoporc gathers most information during the registration processes Stoporc utilizes to allow access to and/or use of certain information. But, Stoporc may collect PII at other times, including, but not limited to, when you report a problem with our Site(s), when you complete survey forms, when you access the Career area, enter into a transaction through the Site(s), respond to requests for information or content, and when you request to receive communications from Stoporc . Below, we provide specific examples of the types of PII Stoporc may collect through the Site(s).

Contact Information: Stoporc may request or require contact information, such as your name, address, phone number, facsimile number, and email address.

Demographic Information: Stoporc may collect demographic and profile data at our Site(s) as a part of its surveys, resume collection features, recipe offerings, advertisements for its products, and/or for management and monitoring purposes in order to continue to improve the Site(s) and the quality of Stoporc on-line services.

Technical Information: Stoporc may collect Internet Protocol (IP) addresses from all users of our Site(s) as well as the date and time of access and the Web page(s) accessed. Stoporc may also catalog your log-in information and your computer, browser, or operating system information and may maintain a database of aggregated information about the transactions on the Site(s) (e.g., tool or feature utilization or recipe selection data).

Contact Information: Stoporc may use your name and city and state address for testimonials or your contact information for many purposes, including, to advertise its services and the goods and services of third parties, to create a personalized experience for you, to provide you with news and information, to contact you regarding a survey, and to get in touch with you when necessary with respect to transactions conducted through the Site(s), material changes in our Site(s)’s policies and agreements, new services Stoporc may offer, or otherwise. We may also share your contact information with our affiliates and business partners, as is necessary to provide our services and information, to facilitate the collection and use of resumes provided through the Site(s)’s “CAREER” area, for advertising purposes, and for internal business purposes. Except for sharing arrangements with Stoporc affiliates, vendors, and business partners, however, we do not share your individual contact information with other types of third parties for any other purpose, except to a court or governmental agency if required by law.

Demographic Information: Stoporc may share demographic data on an aggregated basis, which will not identify any particular user, with our business partners, vendors, and affiliates or government regulators and for advertising purposes.

Survey Results: Stoporc may share survey results collected through the Site(s) with its business partners, vendors, and affiliates and/or the general public, the news media, and with the U.S. Government and state governments, not only for business or marketing purposes or as may be required by law, but also to participate in government programs and initiatives.

Technical Information: Stoporc may use technical information to help diagnose problems with our servers, analyze the Site(s)’s usage trends, track user movements on the Site(s), and to otherwise manage and monitor our Site(s).

Business Transactions: In the event that Stoporc goes through a business transaction, such as a merger or acquisition by another company involving the sale of all or a portion of its assets, please note that the PII collected and retained by Stoporc may be among the assets transferred. In the event a transaction of this kind occurs that results in the transfer of PII, Stoporc will notify you via email and/or place a prominent notice on the Site(s) for 30 days of any such change in ownership or control and the possible changes to this Privacy Policy.

Legal Action: Stoporc may disclose PII when legally required to do so in accordance with government requests or regulations or legal proceedings. We may also disclose PII to protect against misuse or unauthorized use of the Site(s) or as is otherwise required to limit legal liability, protect or defend our rights, property, or interests, or protect the safety, rights, or property of our users.

What About the Use of Cookies?

Stoporc  may use cookies to enhance your experience while using our Site(s). Cookies are pieces of information that Stoporc  uses for record-keeping purposes, which the Site(s) transfers to your computer’s Web-browser for storage on your computer’s hard drive. Cookies enable Stoporc to customize your experience on the Site(s). Cookies also make Web-surfing easier by automatically performing certain functions such as saving your personal preferences and by ensuring that you do not see the same advertisement repeatedly. Many consider the use of cookies to be an industry standard. Consequently, your Web browser is likely set to accept cookies. If you would prefer not to receive cookies, however, you can alter the configuration of your browser to refuse or delete cookies. If you choose to have your browser refuse or delete cookies, you should understand that it is possible that some areas of our Site(s) will not function properly when you view them.